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Fashion For The Gram: How To Become An Instagram Fashion Influencer

Kristie Bertucci Real



Social media has changed the way we live and make a living. If you love fashion, you probably already follow a variety of different fashion accounts on Instagram and are constantly hitting like just to get the outfit details emailed to you via But what you probably don’t know is that these Instagram fashion accounts are making a real living from simply dressing up and posting pictures! That’s right, they’re getting paid for each style post they add to Instagram! If you already love fashion and are a vivid Instragrammer (or “grammer”) then you could become the next big fashion influencer, reaping the rewards of your fashionable life and here’s how to do it!

Have a niche

There are a million and one different fashion influencers on IG these days, so if you want to become part of the elite, you’ll have to figure out your niche. Are you going to be a lifestyle Instagrammer, adding in different aspects of your life into your feed, or will you be a strictly style influencer and only post pics of your daily outfit? Maybe you’ll do style for less pictures or play around with vintage clothing? Whatever you interest is, narrowing it down can help set you apart from the millions of other accounts and allow you to gain a dedicated following.

Create a cleaver name for your IG handle

Now comes the hard part…creating a name for you IG handle! You’ll want something memorable and catchy and something that defines your look. You don’t want to make it complicated with too many numbers or signs and if you have a blog, it’s wise to name it the same if it’s available. Remember that you’ll want something that you can use forever and something that will be unique to you and your fashion goals.

Create a content schedule

To populate your IG account with pictures, you’ll want to plan your outfits ahead of time so that you know exactly what you’ll be posting at least a few days to a week in advance. Of course, you’ll want to maybe use some real-time pictures as they happen, but scheduling out outfit posts will make it easier to keep adding to your feed without wondering what to add the day of. Many choose a day to shoot photos of what they’re wearing for the week and then use different shots or angles on different days. However you plan on doing it, creating a schedule of what outfits you’ll be posting will help save you time and sanity!

Figure out your IG picture aesthetic

Each IG fashion influencer most likely has their own IG aesthetic – or a look they try to follow with their posts. This can range from a specific filter they always use or prop they always have handy to make their feed cohesive. If you plan on doing the same, figuring out what filter(s) you’ll be using is a must so that all your posts have the same look or feel. Although it sounds complicated, it’s simply using a few picture apps to mix and match filters that catch your eye. And if you’re editing your photos on a computer, you can easily find filters with many popular programs, too. But no matter what aesthetic you go for, make sure that you have crisp high-quality photos!

Be consistent

In order to keep your following engaged, you’ll have to be consistent with your postings! You can’t post everyday then go silent for a week or else you’ll lose your audience’s attention. Be consistent with your posts so that your audience anticipates your next photo!

The right hashtags

In the beginning, hashtags will be your best friend since this is the easiest way to grow your following. With this being said, you’ll have to research the best hashtags on Instagram that are relevant to your feed and that are popular to get people checking out your content. It’s best to use the entire allotted amount of hashtags (30) that IG allows. And it’s good to mix them up! Have a few batches handy so that you can see which ones work better. Once you start to amass a following, you won’t have to use as many hashtags as you did in the beginning when first starting out.

Don’t forget to tag

Whatever you’re wearing, make sure to tag the company, so as you grow your following, these companies will see that you are becoming an influencer and will want to team up with you on sponsored posts!

Be ready to invest

Until you have a good following, you won’t be getting free swag for a while, so you’ll have to dish out your own cash for all your outfits. But don’t worry, if you’re a savvy fashionista and know where to get the latest trends for less, you’ll be able to churn out style inspo pictures without being broke!

Be committed and be patient

Know that you’re not going to get thousands of followers overnight. But if you’re committed and put in the work, you’ll soon start to see your numbers rise! Just be consistent and patient and keep posting quality pictures and on-trend outfits and you’ll slowly become that fashion influencer you initially wanted to become!




Journalist/writer, fashionista, music whore and so much more from Los Angeles.


How can you Remove Makeup?

Elizabeth Rondon



We all possess those sluggish moments wherever we’d rather skip this particular important portion of our daily skin-care regime. But removing your makeup before going to the mattress is important to keep skin thoroughly clean and perfect, let your pores and skin “breathe” even while you sleep, and prevent eye shadow from smudging and base stains through making their way on your pillow.

  1. Pull éclatements and long hair back again with a headpiece, clips or perhaps a ponytail owner.
  2. Eliminate your eyes makeup very first using an appropriate eye make-up remover.
  3. Apply the actual remover for your wash towel or a 100 % cotton ball, as well as gently clean over your current eyes, ensuring to get the attention lashes, the burkha, brow collection and region underneath the eye.
  4. Make use of a Q-tip to get rid of any remnants of cosmetics you were not able to reach (particularly eyeliner).
  5. Wash with hot water.
  6. Use your face cleaner to your clean cloth or even directly as compared to face and also neck, along with massage within a circular movement until your full facial in addition to neck places are protected in an excellent, foamy lather. Make sure to steer clear of the eye location.
  7. Keep the facial cleanser on your encounter and throat for several minutes to leave it to function its “magic. “
  8. Rinse the face and neck of the guitar with tepid to warm water and dab dry having a towel.
  9. Apply a light-weight layer associated with facial moisturizer in it to your deal with and the neck and throat before you head to bed.

The way to Remove Eyes Makeup Plus Mascara

Would you use cream, bar cleaning soap or your natural face cleaner to remove eyesight makeup and even mascara? Your skin delicate epidermis around your own personal eyes is 7x’s slimmer than the surface area on the associated with your face. It ought to be cleansed softly with the use of the makeup eliminator designed to take care of your vision area. Stick to these easy steps to keep your eyelids area healthful.

Choose a watch makeup removal that is suitable for your overall type of skin. We like Bi Stage makeup cleaner by Maybelline to remove lips and observation makeup. In case you are prone to oiliness choose a good oil free makeup foundation remover. For those who have sensitive body look for a facial foundation remover designed for sensitive skin tone types. A person spends a lot to obtain a good item. Many medication store brand names make great makeup removal. Before your personal nightly cleaning routine, you need to cleanse your particular eye spot first. By doing this when you rinse your entire confront you will not trigger your this trap to run within your eyes. Start by reading instructions on eyeball makeup removers that you have selected. Always use the particularly recommended quantity.

Moisten eyes area somewhat to damp mascara; this can let deponer soak into mascara much more thoroughly. Begin with eye cover, start at the very top with really light stress wipe throughout outside part. Wipe from corner regarding eye. This will leave quite a few removed from the lid. Soften cotton golf ball, or circular with drinking water follow same motion to eliminate excess makeup products remover. Replicate if necessary along with new natural cotton if any product continues to be. Now perform other attention. To remove dismal add the little bit of makeup disposal to q-tip. Close eyesight roll q-tip over eyelash in downwards motion to use remover. You can follow up with a new q-tip moistened with h2o or a silk cotton ball. Usually, do not saturate organic cotton. Gently slip over sexy lash in a downhill motion. It might take a couple of simple cotton balls to take out mascara based on a type and just how many jackets you use. To remove virtually any mascara which has ended up below you vision use a tiny amount of remover in cotton to go. Now that you might have taken off your company eye cosmetic foundation and tape joy you can total your nighttime facial treatment routine

Tips on how to Remove Base

When you put on your company’s makeup foundation each morning, it’s a because you should take it off that night before you decide to hit the sheets typically. However removing makeup is not any one-size-fits-all job. It all depends on the type of basis you have on the face in regards to what cleaning mixture you should get to remove this.

Water-Based Basis – In case you have a water-based foundation addressing your face if you’re in fortune. No need for a unique eliminated in this instance. You can maintain your cleaning program extra-simple since the foundation you utilize easily mixed. With a mild, soap-free cleansing and a tap full of warm water, your foundation will be a single memory within moments.

Oil-Based Foundation time to bring out your heavy cannon — within makeup burglar that is. Oil-based makeup foundation should be dissolved using a special make-up remover about oil-based groundwork formulas. Heading the solution and standard water route can get you no place fast.

Useful Tools — Keep your makeup foundation area well-stocked with soft cleanser or perhaps makeup eliminator and toner. If you have dried-out skin, avoid toners which contain drying alcoholic beverages. Also maintain cotton patches, tissues, or maybe soft, fresh clothes end. This will keep from needing to root about for items to clean that person. Being organized, you will also be able to roll away a schedule each night that will not take a few minutes of your energy, however. Extra Guidance Whatever you carry out, always eliminate your make-up before you slip between your linens. Leaving facial foundation on your experience can inflict some severe havoc in your complexion. The original layer involving dirt, essential oil and day-old makeup will certainly mash inside of your pores together with cause blocks, which can change into acne. Pre-moistened facial area cleaning towels can be used in a pinch. Just be sure you phone a toner to remove all the remains.

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