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Shoe Buying Tips From an Insider Fashionista

Elizabeth Rondon



Are you in your quest to find that perfect shoe for that special occasion? Then read on, in case you want to learn the way to select and buy the proper pair. We will cover some fashion basics as well as some insider tips in show shopping.

The Basics

First we need to review some of the basics, as it pertains to show shopping.You must be comfortable in the type of shoe you are going to buy. Of course there are. But I believe that you are a smart shopper and want to maximize your money. It does not matter how fierce or cute they look. You’ll not wear them if it is not comfortable, then more than likely. And should you end up not wearing them, then that is money down the drain.

Shopping Online?

You can try to buy them online. but its best that you want to try them on at the store. We’ll review some more tips later on in the article. You should be sure the sizes do not run big or you could be set up with a disappointment, if you brown online. Try to read some reviews on the sizing of other customers.

It’s a good idea to cross check together with the measurements to make sure everything is kosher of the website. This is improve your own chances of getting the perfect fit the first time.

Choose a show color that matches a majority of your wardrobe. In the event you don’t you could end up wasting a lot of money for a pair that only goes with one outfit.

The more well-rounded the show, the easier it’ll be to dress up. In fact, I sometimes by two pairs since I know this design will go.

Try to stick with colors that go will with most colors. Some colors are white, brown and black. Should you decide to spend a little more on them, be sure they match more colors. Its just being conscious. All of us have an outrageous pair of rad or pink shoes that are to die for, however do not get used. It should match in the event you follow this rule that most money for the shoes the more outfits. Then buy them, in the event you find a pair of blood red pumps for $19.

However, one skirt is really matched by it and if it really costs $125, then don’t. Another rule to follow is to no buy anything too trendy. Fashion trends come and go, but once you spend your money it’s gone. What might be hot right now, mightn’t be so hot next season. Try to stick to your essentials.

Its best to buy a pair of 1/2 of the year. or shoes that may be worn new season

Shoe Buying Tip Recap

So let us recap. Be certain to pick you own. And most importantly, make sure they’re comfortable to wear and walk in. Tips for High Heels It’s important to know that high heels have been shown to cause some knee, back and foot pain. The reason behind this is because of the shortening of the calf muscles after prolonged use. As the calf muscle is effected by it, it transfers to the foot and may lead to pain. Moreover, high heels put lots of pressure on the forefoot area. This will definitely lead to painful corns.

Here are some of the best show shopping tips to help you get most from your footwear hunting.

Try to buy shoes in the afternoon or after work as you feet swell during the day. It’s going to help determine the actual size of your foot in the real world. For sizing, the tip of your longest toe and the shoe should have a gap that is about the size of your thumb. This will allow for your toes to move freely with no pain. Its better to have a shoe with a buckle or laces. This is ensure proper adjustments and a snug fit. The heel should be less than 2 inches in height. For more comfort, the soles ought to be made of the upper part made of soft leather and rubber.

Then you’ll be well on your own way to finding that perfect shoe that fits in the event you follow this easy guide.

Writer, Bellable Contributor. Caracas, Venezuela


Victoria’s Secret sales are declining, is it a problem of real bodies?




Victoria's Secret

Be part of a Victoria’s Secret Runway is the dream of any model, Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Kluim, Adriana Lima, owners of spectacular bodies have been for a long time the center of its marketing campaigns, but do women want to buy what they wear now? We don’t think so.

Will Victoria’s Secret need to adapt to a new image, that of real women? Are images without photoshot the way to go?

Victoria’s Secret will close 20 stores before the end of the year. Among the 20 are six Victoria’s Secret stores that were closed earlier this year already, but L Brands did not specify which other outlets will close their doors definitely over the next few months. There are also plans to open three new stores this year.

Consistently stagnant Victoria’s Secret sales have led Randal Konik, an analyst at New York-based financial services firm Jefferies, to predict in July that the game is over for brand.

Victoria’s Secret had trouble selling merchandise in the month of June, even when it was at a discount, according to a media report.

Same-store sales at the retail chain were down 1% for the month, with increases in the beauty segment offset by declines in lingerie and the Pink brand.

L Brands, owner of the brand, also announced on Wednesday that Denise Landman, CEO of Victoria’s Secret Pink, will step down later this year. The Pink brand, which previously served as a sort of life jacket for Victoria’s Secret, has also struggled recently.

Landman will be replaced by Amy Hauk, who currently serves as president of merchandising and product development at Bath & Body Works, owned by L Brands.

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Why Over-The-Knee Boots Will Always Be A Cold Weather Staple

Kristie Bertucci Real



Each year, magazines, blogs and websites compile their “Must Have” fall and winter fashion items and every year, you’ll find over-the-knee boots on that list. It never fails!

Boots are a cold weather must in terms of fashion, but over-the-knees boots are one particular style that’s cemented in fashion lists for this time of year. And it’s for a good reason, too! Over-the-knee boots are fashionistas go to footwear as soon as the leaves start to turn beautiful fall colors and winter’s chill starts to creep up upon us. And it doesn’t matter where you live; over-the-boots are a word-wide trend and here’s why they’re a cold weather staple:

Over-the-knee boots keep you warm

A major reason why these particular boots are so popular during this time of year is because they’re long enough to keep your bottom half warm! Regular boots only go so far up your calf, but these boots go well past your knee (and even your thigh if you opt for thigh-high boots), covering more of your legs to keep you warm when the weather starts to get colder. And wearing them with tights, leggings or jeans under will add to their warmth!

They’re stylish as hell

There’s no denying that over-the-knee boots are very stylish. Whether you go with over-the-knee heeled boots or flat ones, they both really make an outfit. Flat options are great everyday options, while heeled ones are sexy and can easily take you from a day to night look! Something as simple and basic as a tee and jeans really stands out when you add some over-the-knee boots! An everyday look is now elevated with much more style simply because of the type of footwear, which is why they’re always on fashion lists for fall and winter.

So know that you know why they’re a closet staple, here are some great ways to style over-the-knee boots!

Pair with leggings or skinny jeans

This look is the most convenient and easiest to pull off (not to mention really comfy!). But if you really want to elevate the look, go with leather or “liquid” leggings to add some edge to the look. But if you do choose to go with skinny jeans, make sure they fit comfortably inside the boot!

Mini skirts and dresses

When wearing over-the-knee boots with mini skirts or dresses, you want to stay away from looking like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.” This look can be fun and flirty when done right, which translates to making sure your outfit is balanced by not wearing anything too revealing, which can cheapen the look. An on-trend sweater, mini skirt and over-the-knee boots make for a great colder season outfit!

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Fashion Trends: End of Fall Styles

Maja Krdzić



New season brings new trends. Summer No More. This is Fall and Soon Winter.

The sweaters and trenches are stepping in. Flip-flops are changed with boots. Many bloggers were awaiting the new season particularly because of the fact that now it is possible to mix some of the summer wardrobe pieces with new fall ones. The new fall fashion trends were presented on the fashion weeks around the world and everyone just waited for the colder weather. Instagram feeds are already full of the new things that are already out there. As we follow them, and we want to have the same look from the runway on ourselves, there is a question about how to incorporate them in real life. Well, here is a list of the currently biggest fall fashion trends and how to wear them.

All Red
The color of love and wine is the color for this fall. Pantone announced it few months back, and even though many thought this is too bold color for fall season, it appeared to be exactly what we need. The rainy days are coming and they are here to stay for quite some time. So, bring a color into your day life with red. It is a warm color, and several designers choose it for their runways. What was most eye-catching were the over-the-knee red Fendi boots. They are already making a boom on the streets around the world. Be bold and go red!

Vintage velvet
No one predicted that velvet will be such a huge trend for this fall. If you want to be trendy, consider buying at least one velvet piece that has tailored suiting. The structure of the velvet material itself is very comfortable for wearing. It is appropriate both for work, day and night occasions. The best looks are often achieved when it is paired with some similar fabric, and for this fall, the metallic velvet is a must.

Big Puffy sleeves
The big sleeves were big trend for the summer season and they are continuing to be as strong this fall. This 80’s trend made big comeback and the sleeves come in all lengths and sizes. The shirts are retro with big shoulders, dramatic as they were back in the ‘80s. Paired with jeans and ankle boots, they are perfect combination for the day.

Glittery Boots
No, it is not New Year’s eve yet. Glitter is everywhere, day and night. The runways were full of glittery boots and they came in all colors, models and heel heights. This is the biggest shoe trend that is in the fashion world right now, just after the mules that very popular during the summer.

Glamorous Pearls
The biggest trend among the accessorizes are the pearls. The old, classic, Tiffany pearls. They were designer’s choice for fall 2017 lines. This fall it is allowed to wear the pearls as much as you want, as many as you want. The classic pearls are transformed into more refined and modern way, suitable for all generations. The pearls, as details, were spotted on loafers, sweaters, shirts, bags, hair bands brooches… Literally everywhere. Sneak into your mother’s jewelry box and borrow them – the more vintage they are; the greater fashion effect they will have.

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